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Dyna Tuning

Dyna TunerThe function of a dyna tuner is to measure either kW or brake horse power (BHP) of the vehicle.

To explain more about this topic a manufacturer will give his client (yourself) certain information, for example the engine output kW is so much or x at a certain RPM (rev’s per minute) and the same with the torque. So much NM at a specific RPM. This is what we call flywheel power and can only be accurately measured on a engine dyna tuner ( which is a dyna that does not utilize the vehicle) To explain, you do not have any losses in power because no gearbox , prop shaft, differential nor side shafts are used . Some of us call this the din specification.

To elaborate more on dyna tuning this is done on a chassis dyna where as the vehicle is strapped down onto the rollers (strapping down is merely a safety precaution taken by ourselves) The dyna tuner that we use is the fully imported Hyperpower which is a load dyna. It is not possible to program a car with an inertia dyna, (free wheeling dyna) which some people seem to use. A powerful fan (seen in picture) cools down the engine for better operating temperatures.

How it works

As the engine RPM is reached , that we want to in turn measure the output on the wheels we put a loadfactor (resistance) against the output. This is when the load cell starts working and then measurements are captured. These figures are called kW or NM measured on the wheels. Through the latest software programs and applying the loads at different RPM we are able to plot and print graphs, which then become fairly self-explanatory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it damage my car or diesel vehicle?

Not if it is done by a well trained dyna technician that understands what he is doing.

What vehicles can the Dynamometer Dyna Tune?

Only the latest Dyna Tuners can Dyna the top of the range cars, meaning that we can do any cars. We can even dyna tune diesel vehicles, no problem.

What will I gain at the end?

You should gain an improvement in engine output and fuel consumption. A graph will be printed out for you to see the difference.

How long will it take?

Dyna tuning time differs from vehicle to vehicle and also according to booking time.